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We love meeting and working with other creatives, be it within the wedding world or commercial industry. Creatives who share a real passion for their work and through an unassuming manner demonstrate an enthusiasm for your project.

As one element of a creative project, we are fortunate to meet some fantastic creatives who we would always recommend. The list below are our professional friends, who we know will offer you the best value for money, creativity and outstanding quality.

Emma Boyle Commercial Photography

Emma Boyle Commercial Photography

With a specialism in commercial, personal branding and family photography, Emma's mantra is....."Let me tell your story". We've had the fortune to work together on a range of commercial projects and look forward to many more in the future. 

Emma sets everyone at ease with her relaxed, yet 100% diligent approach. With a natural eye for any business and amazing level of creativity, we 100% recommend her work. 

Click on Emma's logo to go to her site.

Erica Stacey Bridalwear
Erica Stacey Bridalwear
Based in South Manchester and covering beautiful weddings across Cheshire and nationwide, Erica produces stunning, hand sewn Bridalwear. On meeting Erica her passion and creativity is amazing and infectious. She truly feels the responsibility and compliment of being assigned to produce the most special dress you can achieve. 

In her own words.....
"Let us design something unique and truly 'you' - we love what we do!"

Click on Erica's Bridalwear image to go to her site. 
Jaine Briscoe-Price
Wedding Photography
Jaine Briscoe-Price Wedding Photography
We have the pleasure to work with many great wedding photographers, all with different styles however we'd like to just highlight the work of a couple here.

Meeting Jaine and viewing her work, we were blown away. With a relaxed manner and superb eye for contemporary photography, we could view Jaine's portfolio all day! 

Modern, artistic and truly stunning photography we can't recommend more highly. 

Click on Jane's image to go to her site...
Maximum Music UK
Maximum Music UK
Maximum Music UK set any event, party, celebration alight with their amazing DJ and Live music artists. Also offering DJ Live, an exciting concept which includes a DJ with a percussionist playing live alongside them giving parties that extra “buzz” and providing any event with a sophisticated feel.

The first and only DJ company we'd approach!

Click on the Maximum Music UK image to go to their site....
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