Aerial Promotions

Drone photography and videography have taken the promotion of events and businesses to a new level. Base Aura Films have utilised drones for the last 5 years, as technology has advanced so have our pilot skills. Fully licensed and insured, drone imagery. 

With video filmed in 5.4k and 20MP still images, Base Aura Drone Promotions capture amazing footage to set your event, business or venue apart. 

Take a look at a sample of our drone footage and get in touch to discuss a drone, aerial project. 


“Drones have the potential to offer a powerful new perspective for businesses across a variety of industries, delivering both productivity benefits and increased value from the data they collect. 

Using drones to transform working practices could boost Britain’s economy by £42bn by 2030, research claims.

It's predicted that 76,000 unmanned aerial vehicles will be in UK skies by the end of the

next decade for commercial or public use, saving billions in efficiencies.

Facts: The

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