Our FAQ's

Booking a Videographer is an important decision and we realise you'll have lots of questions. Hopefully we'll answer some below however if there's anything else please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Can you explain the difference between the Wedding Videography packages?


We feel passionately that every couple should have the opportunity to have their special day filmed. For that reason, we offer a range of packages to suit all budgets.


For those who simply want the key moments filmed we have the Lite package. This covers the bridal prep and ceremony meaning you’ll always be able to relive that exciting morning and your vows.


The Standard is the first of our all day packages. Footage from the bridal prep all the way through to the first dance. You’ll then receive a highlights film and also separate clips of the vows and speeches.


The Signature is our complete package. As well as the highlights film you will receive a second full feature film incorporating the vows and speeches.

Both the Standard and Signature also include Drone aerial footage at no additional cost (weather dependant).

We always aim to add drone footage to your wedding videos.

Do you offer Photography as well?

I am proud to say I am working with a very talented Wedding Photographer  Jo Boulton based in Preston so have joint wedding Videography and Wedding Photography packages available. 

You mention drone footage. Can you explain how you would use a drone within the films?


Drone footage puts a whole new perspective on your wedding day. Offering you views which you didn’t think were possible.


From flyovers of your guests to aerial shots of the venue, Base Aura Drone footage is stunning.


I’m worried there may be too many cameras on guests, will this be the case?


The greatest compliment that we receive is that on the day we are hardly noticed. Our aim is to capture unobtrusive , natural footage. We stay in the background and don’t ask for any staged shots.  As a Professional Videographer I will always try to blend in and mingle with the guests especially when filming weddings and similar events. 


How long will it take to receive our films?


We’re aware that couples can’t wait to relive their day. For this reason, we aim to get the films to you within a week post wedding. For an additional charge we also offer on the day editing of the highlights film. Meaning you can display this to your evening guests (Additional £75 – alterations may occur after the event).


How will you know what’s important to us on the day?


An important aspect of any booking is getting to know what will happen on the day and which aspects are most important to capture. Prior to the event we send out a data capture form. However, we realise that you will be busy and for that reason we’re more than happy to find out the information over the phone or face to face.


Do you need to visit the venue beforehand?


We’ve never had to carry out a pre event visit and for our nationwide bookings this wouldn’t be possible. However, we research each event and arrive early to each booking. Enabling us to take our time capturing each venues special features.


You’re based in the North West will you cover other areas?


Although we are based in Manchester, Northwest England we will cover anywhere nationwide.


How do we pay?


After confirming the booking, we ask for a 25% deposit. The balance of the booking can be paid anytime up to a month prior to the event. If it’s easier for you to pay in instalments that’s fine too.


Do you pick the music for the films?


The music we use is usually suggested by the Bride and Groom. Music sets the tone and also acts as reminder of the occasion to guests. Whatever music you would like, well work with.


What if we don’t want Bridal prep or other aspects?


Every aspect of the booking is to your preference. You just let us know what you’d like and well produce that. From film style, music, timings…. our job is to deliver what you want.


Are you insured?


Base Aura has public liability insurance.


All your films are different. Can you explain why?


All couples are unique and so too are all weddings. Base Aura aim to capture the uniqueness of each couple and wedding.