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The Riverbank Coffee

Base Aura Films capture award winning videography for business and events of all sizes. During the Covid-19 pandemic people from all walks of life found new ways to exercise and relax in difficult times.

One fantastic business bourn out of this time was the Riverbank Coffee. Situated on the bank of the River Mersey the Riverbank Coffee is the perfect venue to enjoy great coffee and snacks, mid-walk, bike ride or family trip out.

Base Aura Films were asked to bring this fantastic business to life via the medium of video. We produced this video production using a variety of tools ranging from drone footage, interviews and 4K B-Roll footage to tell their story.

We look forward to future projects together, filming and producing video content for this fantastic local business.

Read their video promotion review written for Base Aura here:

Here’s the Riverbank Coffee video promotion, filmed and edited by Base Aura Films (



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